A Telegram Messenger client made for Windows 10 Mobile.

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Unigram Mobile

Unigram Mobile is a Telegram Messenger client optimised for Windows 10 Mobile. It is a fork of the original Unigram app. For desktop support use the original Unigram app.

Unigram Mobile aims to support the latest Telegram features on Windows 10 Mobile. Because of time constraints the main developer might need months for the next release. If you are impatient, you might want to participate in the beta program or help developing features. Both are very much appreciated. Use GitHub for creating pull requests for reviews of your code changes or reporting issues. Join the Unigram Mobile group on Telegram for support and find the link to the private beta group in the group description.


Download the latest release from the Store.

Privacy policy

The Unigram Mobile App stores your chat messages and all your personal data on your mobile device and sends and receives your data (phone number, messages and some settings) from and to Telegram services, so have a look at their privacy policy at https://telegram.org/privacy.